Richlite Manufacturer Spotlight: Twig Case

An hour and a half south of Minnesota’s Twin Cities, in the humble town of Waseca, Twig Case ships out custom iPhone cases and accessories to locations all around the world. As a response to products that looked nice but weren’t durable, Twig Case was born. With an attention to art and design, Twig Cases are made exclusively with Richlite and feature intricate details, unique graphics and the ability to laser etch pretty much any design a customer wants.

Located in an alley just off Waseca’s main drag, at first glance Twig Case’s small office could easily double for a computer repair shop or late-80’s-specialized antique store. Accompanying the constant hum of the CNC machine, a curated selection of collectables, vintage Mac computers, guitars and books decorate walls and shelves in Twig Case’s space, casually surrounding vital tooling machinery and lasers. Amongst it all, Twig Case owner, Jon Lucca peers through a large mounted magnifying glass, focused on adding final touches to another iPhone case.

Every Twig Case starts on the computer, which stores an endless amount of artwork, designs, and photos that have been, or will be, applied to iPhone models beginning with the 4 up to the 7 Plus. From there, various sheets and colors of Richlite are milled out using a small CNC machine, sent to a laser engraver where custom art is burned into the case, then each case is hand sanded and buffed to bring out the rich, natural tones of the Richlite, creating a unique and sturdy iPhone case in the process.   

“Because of the virtues of Richlite, being so dense and so consistent, we can put the tiniest little marks in a case and it justs lasts. There’d be no way to do this with wood.”

In looking for a material not only durable and strong, but capable of handling intricate design details without chipping or cracking, Twig turned to Richlite. The durability of using Richlite in the case comes with the added benefit of water resistance–although Twig kindly reminds customers iPhones are less water resistant. As one of the first companies to utilize Richlite in this space, Twig has been breaking boundaries of what was thought possible since the beginning.

With Twig Case’s attention to detail, design-centric attitude, and forward-thinking tooling processes, they have managed to create a unique line of iPhone cases, minimalist wallets, and wearable pins. We are pleased Twig chose Richlite as their go-to material and are excited to see what other intricate designs they come up with next!

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