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  • Cutting Board Thumbnail

    Epicurean – From Cutting Boards to Skateparks

    What do skateboarders and foodies have in common? They’re both cutting it up on the same durable material. In 2003, Epicurean® was founded by custom skate park manufacturer TrueRide® as a way to repurpose excess skating surface material generated during manufacturing. The founders of TrueRide® knew that similar material was being used in commercial kitchens,…

  • Richlite x Gibson 7 String SGs

    Check out the latest on this year’s Gibson High Performance 7-string SGs aren’t signature models, featuring Richlite fingerboards, “VII” Mother of Pearl inlay at the 7th fret and powerful Seymour Duncan ‘buckers. Read the full article on Gibson Guitar’s website.  

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