March 17, 2020

Charlie Cart Project: Food Education Anytime, Anywhere

by Melissa Huston

We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations that believe community and sustainability go hand in hand. We fell in love with the Charlie Cart Project and the entire team behind them, who set out to create an affordable and comprehensive food education program, giving kids the power to make healthy choices for life.

    We’ve got to educate the next generation about the connections between food, health and the environment if we hope to solve the major challenges of our time. The Charlie Cart is the right idea at the right time to introduce this kind of education into schools everywhere.    

    - Michael Pollan      

The Charlie Cart Project is an all-in-one, hands-on food education, and nutrition program for any learning environment. With kids in mind who don’t thrive in a traditional school environment, hands-on learning, and cooking, in particular, can unlock a child’s potential and open a window to a greater understanding of the world around us.

Educators from 150 organizations in 38 states are active in the program, teaching basic cooking skills in their communities, and transforming lives with hands-on food education.

To learn more about the Charlie Cart Project visit: