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Portage Bay Float Home


Designer: Studio DIAA

Portage Bay Float Home

Type: Residential
Application: Cladding
Material Featured: Slate
Designer: Studio DIAA

A dark exterior contrast with light-toned finishes inside a compact, floating home in Washington designed by Studio DIAA co-founder Suzanne Stefan as her own home. Following a long tradition of floating homes in Seattle, the dwelling is located on the north end of Lake Union in a spot called Portage Bay. It was built on top of a log-float foundation dating to the early 1900s. The home sits close to the shore and has access to a garden. The square layout consists of a 650-square-foot single level with a pitched roof that flattens as it extends over a deck. Exterior walls are clad in dark cedar and Richlite Slate, while sliding doors help erase the boundary between inside and out. The floor plan is divided into two zones, with one side encompassing shared spaces, including an open kitchen, dining area and living room. The other side contains two bedrooms and a bathroom. The project recently won a 2021 Housing Award from the American Institute of Architects.

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