Richlite® HARD WAX OIL

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Hard Wax Oil is a clear, highly refined hard wax-oil combination that does not separate. It performs similar to an air-cured wood finish and does not stay waxy or soft, like most oil-wax products. It also acts as a repellent to watermarks, stains, etc. Hard Wax Oil is the preferred finish for interior residential use as it has low VOC’s and can be applied in the home. Made with a base of natural plant oils and waxes, it is compatible with the Richlite Professional Finish and can be used to spot repair on the top of both Professional Finish and itself. The cure times are longer than a solvent-based product, but will set up to the hardness of such finishes at full cure.

Directions for use: Shake well. Apply to clean, dry surface that is free of dust. Apply the finish thinly with a rag, working in a circular motion across the surface and over the edges. Follow with clean, dry cloths, wiping in a large circular buffing motion to remove any excess finish until you have an even, matte finish. Allow for good ventilation while drying and allow to dry for 12-24 hours before use.

0.5 Liter (16.9 oz)

Covers approx. 200 sq ft at one coat. 


Water & Alcohol Resistant

Non Toxic & Lead Free