Richlite Manufacturer Spotlight: Grow Anthology

If you’re lucky enough to have ridden on a Grow Anthology board, you’re well aware that the quality is top-notch and it rides like a dream, but something you might not know is how such a board came to be.

Co-founders Scott Hanson and Ben Roosa specialize in crafting longboards made out of Richlite for Grow Anthology. Hanson has so much love for the sport that he even dreams about it! One dream in particular, where he’s riding on Richlite, inspired him to reach out to his partner Ben to test if that dream could become a reality.

Grow Anthology

Demonstrating the craftsmanship and dedication involved in producing an eco-friendly longboard, these guys did their homework. Hanson explains that they got the thickness of the board right based on samples and they took wheels and trucks off old skateboards to see if it would even be a possibility.  “We bought a sheet of the raw material [Richlite] and went for it.” says Hanson.

Grow Anthology has two locations, one in Washington and another in Minnesota, both hubs for outdoor enthusiasts and wet weather. This is where Richlite’s dense and water resistant qualities came in handy.One of the reasons we use [Richlite] is it’s very dense and it won’t wear the same way wood will wear” says Roosa. “If you skate around when it’s wet, it won’t swell.”

Along with standing up to harsh weather conditions, they wanted a product that was environmentally friendly. Part of Grow Anthology’s brand motto and what makes them different from other board makers is being socially and ecologically conscious. Every one of their longboards and skateboards are made in the U.S.A using sustainable, eco-friendly Richlite material.

Grow Anthology’s incredible product is an inspiration for board builders everywhere. We’re excited to see what they’ve done with the Richlite material and are looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the future of Grow Anthology.

Grow Anthology

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