Richlite Manufacturer Spotlight: Martin Guitar

What goes into the making of a guitar? At Martin Guitar it takes a 183 year old vision, passion, expertise and craftsmanship. Music moves us, inspires us and strikes the chords of our creativity. Our friends at Martin Guitar know the effect music has on us and how important it is to culture, communities and daily life.

“Ultimately people want something that enhances their lives and inspires them. I think that is the best thing about our guitars is they inspire you to want to play, and inspire you to want to create art.”
– Fred Greene, VP of Product Design

Martin Guitar Richlite Fingerboard ebony wood guitars

We met up with C.F. Martin & Company in Nazareth, PA to take a look inside their factory and to see how they are using Richlite. As the oldest guitar brand in the U.S.A they have innovated many of the shapes and technical designs that other brands around the world use today. What makes their guitars special is that they are primarily handmade, blending technology and new materials with long-standing craftsmanship.

“Natural wood can warp, twist, have grain lines that you have to worry about. I don’t have to worry about that when we are using Richlite we can machine it to our dimension and it holds that dimension. I don’t have to worry about it picking up moisture from the outside in terms of humidity.” – Fred Greene

Martin Guitar fingerboards fretboards ebony wood guitars music instrument building craftsmanship

Richlite has made its way into the instrument industry for a variety of reasons. The most predominant reason is that companies have been searching for an eco-friendly alternative to the endangered wood species known as ebony. Our Black Diamond Richlite has become the perfect alternative because not only is it FSC and Greenguard certified, making it sustainable, but it is also the durability and consistency of the material that has caught guitar companies attention. The best part is that it performs just as well (acoustically) as natural ebony wood. Some people have even said that they think Richlite sounds better.


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