Richlite Manufacturer Spotlight: Semihandmade

Whether their purpose is purely aesthetic or entirely functional, doors complete the look of the cabinets in our kitchens, bathrooms, and other various spaces. Semihandmade, renowned for making doors that fit IKEA cabinets, launched in 2011 offering handmade craftsmanship and affordability. Semihandmade uses Richlite to surface the top of these uniquely crafted cabinets providing a sustainable and durable option for savvy homeowners. This California-based company has covered the cabinets of over 3,000 kitchens, bathrooms and closets and is changing the way individual consumers make decisions when buying at IKEA.


semihandmade richlite IKEA

Offering quality and originality under the massive IKEA brand was a concept realized by the CEO and founder John McDonald. “We love the flexibility that comes with being able to buy only parts and components [from IKEA] – and
not doors – so you can get as creative as you want.”

Throughout it’s short time as a company, Semihandmade has been dedicated to offering a beautiful product that speaks to the needs of the IKEA customers—developing various collections, providing top of the line finishes and innovative designs. That’s where the Richlite material comes in.

“Richlite gives us confidence that it’s going to be a solid project that’s beautiful and durable. We can ship it anywhere and it’s going to last.” The Richlite material has allowed Semihandmade to get creative with different shapes and styles. It’s also allowed them to ensure a sustainable product that’s made and finished by hand.

The whole idea behind Semihandmade is giving people a choice and we are glad that Semihandmade has chosen Richlite for their material. We can’t wait to see what’s next for them. Stay tuned for more features on new creators and innovators using Richlite.


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