northwest cascade rainshadow stratum


The Regional Colors

Richlite® Northwest is available in colors with names that reflect natural and historic landmarks near Richlite's headquarters in Tacoma, Washington; Yellow Island, Grays Harbor, Blue Canyon, Redstone, Black Diamond, Chocolate Glacier, Browns Point and Green Mountain. Additionally, Richlite's recycled series includes r50 and r100, names which reflect their percentage of recycled content.




The Layered Line

The Cascade Mountain Range is the quintessential backdrop of the Pacific Northwest and the inspiration for Richlite® Compnay's line of layered products. Rainier, Shasta, Adams, Hood, Little Tahoma and Baker are the six tallest peaks and represent Richlite's Cascade Range.




The Natural Rainscreen

Rain shadows, nature's rainscreen, form when mountains obstruct the passage of rainfall, causing dryness on the leeward side. Washington State's Olympic Mountain Range produces a nationally-renowned rain shadow, receiving 220 inches of annual rainfall west of the mountains versus only fifteen inches, forty miles to the east. Inspired by summits within the Olympics, Richlite® RainShadow... The Natural Rainscreen is available in four colors: Midnight Iron, Boulder Bronze, Buckhorn Brown and Copper Peak.




Bamboo Embedded

The Earth’s surface is composed of diverse layers of rock and soil formed by natural forces that enable life to thrive on the surface. A stratum is a bed of earth with consistent composition naturally laid amid visually distinct layers. Inspired by the banded cli edges of Eastern Washington’s stunning Palouse Canyon, Richlite® Stratum™ embeds a Plyboo® Edge Grain core between contrasting layers of paper.