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Maple Valley
  • Maple Valley

Maple Valley

PriceFrom $4.00

Color: Maple Valley


Collection: Northwest


Paper Content: 100% recycled (post-consumer) Certification: FSC®, HPD®, EPD®, GREENGUARD®, Declare


APPLICATION: Interior, Commercial, Residential, Countertops, Casework, Furniture, Wall Paneling,

Guitar Fretboards, OEM Manufacturing Material, Maker Material.


AVAILABLE THICKNESS: 0.25” (6mm) to 3” (75mm)


AVAILABLE PANEL SIZE: 48” x 96” (2440mm x 1220mm) to 60” x 144” (3660mm x 1525mm)


SAMPLE INFORMATION: Both the 2.75 x 2.75" sample and the A4 sample are 1/2" thick and have the Leathered Finish applied.


SURFACE FINISH: All panels are sold and shipped with our factory finish. To learn more about specifying the appropriate surface finish, please see below.


THE MAPLE VALLEY NAME: Home to Lake Wilderness and Cedar Mountain, Maple Valley lies in the Cascade foothills and just north of Black Diamond. This lumber mill and mining town was originally settled as ‘Vine Maple Valley’ in 1879, however, the word ‘Vine’ was later cut simply because the post office deemed the name too long.


    Maple Valley is made with neutral-colored paper, the color you see is purely a result of the resin. It first appears a pale, amber color and over time will darken to sienna, similar to an old fir floor.

    PATINA: Richlite patinas like a natural wood product and varies from sheet to sheet. Like wood, it will mature in color, giving greater depth to the surface. Over time and with use, Richlite will develop a seasoned appearance characteristic of the material. There will be more luster in areas of heavier use. Overall, it will appear softer and deeper in tone.

    THROUGH COLOR: The Maple Valley color comes from a combination of the paper and the deep amber tone of the resin. Richlite's unique manufacturing process uses pre-colored paper. As a result, the color is solid all the way through the material.

    SURFACE APPEARANCE: Due to the natural variation in the way fibers lay within the panel, Richlite has a mottled appearance that patterns in a lengthwise direction. This is less apparent in dark colors, such as Chocolate Glacier; however, the mottled appearance is still present.


    All panels are sold and shipped with our FACTORY FINISH. This finish has a slight texture that is created in the manufacturing process. Factory-finished material is generally used within the OEM manufacturing and industrial machining industries. The Factory finish is the least commonly specified surface finish for architectural applications. Most architectural projects will utilize the Leathered or Honed finishes as described below.

    LEATHERED: The Leathered finish is the most commonly specified surface finish for interior commercial and residential projects due to its durability and aesthetics. The Leathered finish is achieved by the installer using a Scotch-Brite™ and applied finish technique. To learn more about this process, please click here.

    HONED: The Honed finish results in a smooth, semi-gloss surface. Like with most smooth surfaces, the Honed finish will show wear sooner than the Leathered finish. This option is best for those who enjoy a polished look and appreciate that it will develop a wear pattern over time. The Honed finish is achieved by the installer using a sanding, Scotch-Brite™ and applied finish technique. To learn more about this process, please click here.

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