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Bellboy + Richlite Furniture Showcase


Design: Bellboy

Bellboy + Richlite Furniture Showcase

Type: Furniture
Application: Residential & Commercial
Material Featured: Black Diamond
Design: Bellboy

Designing and crafting contemporary furniture exhibiting strong, simple geometric shapes, Mat Driscoll most likes working with Richlite because its unique appearance provides a strong contrast to the wood while it can also be fabricated using the same tools. And makers love that whatever you do to Richlite, stays done. 

Mat depends upon Eco Supply as his source for these FSC® certified paper-composite panels, as well as the decades of expertise they readily share, to craft this marvelous material into his winning creations.

“It is important that our works be simple and imaginative, while also employing exquisite craftsmanship, elegant proportions and the highest quality materials.”

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