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Whalelite is an exceptionally robust and sustainable material designed specifically as a fiberglass backerboard. Its manufacturing process involves meticulously layering of high-grade custom FSC-certified paper with a thermosetting resin, which is then pressed into a solid panel. Proudly crafted in the USA by Richlite, Whalelite has gained recognition for its outstanding durability, high screw retention strength, and remarkable resistance to moisture.


Fiberglass Backerboard


Commited To Sustainability

Building a sustainable future has always been a part of the Richlite vision. Our products and processes help regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life for generations to come


Durable Composition

Whalelite's strength and resilience stem from its unique composition. The combination of high-quality FSC-certified paper and a thermosetting resin is exceptionally durable, making it an ideal choice as a fiberglass backerboard in marine vessel manufacturing.


Using FSC-certified paper underscores Whalelite's commitment to sustainability. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification signifies that the paper used in Whalelite production is sourced from responsibly managed forests, ensuring that the material meets stringent environmental and social standards. Proudly made in the USA

Resistance to Environmental Factors

Whalelite excels in marine settings due to its exceptional resistance to environmental stressors. It is impervious to moisture and unaffected by corrosive substances making it an excellent choice as a backerboard.

Made In The USA

Our journey commenced in 1943, set against the backdrop of an America that was resilient, innovative, and constantly pushing boundaries. That spirit became the cornerstone of our brand.

Over the decades, our dedication to quality craftsmanship has remained unwavering. It's not just about creating something; it's about creating something remarkable. This isn't merely a business philosophy for us—it's a time-honored tradition.


  • 1,400+ Lbs. Screw Retention

  • High moisture resistance

  • Corrosion resistance

  • High compressive strength

  • Excellent fiberglass adhesion

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Electrical and thermal insulation

  • 50% the weight of aluminum

  • Sheets available up to 60” x 144” (3660mm x 1525mm)

  • 1/4” – 3” thickness (6mm x 75mm)

  • Made in the USA


Backer boards for fiberglass boat hull construction:

  • Pedestal mount tables / seating

  • Railings / stanchion

  • Transom reinforcement

  • Swim platform reinforcement

  • Gunnel mount accessories

  • Moisture resistant coring (under windows)

Benefits & Applications


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Whalelite Tech Sheet

Class A Fire Rating UL 723 / ASTM E84

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