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Although we’ve been making Richlite since 1943, it’s a fairly new material to the guitar industry. We put together a video with our most frequently asked questions and explain everything down to the nitty-gritty details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Features + Benefits

  • Acoustically superior and consistent density

  • Moisture acclimated and inherently stable

  • Durable while maintaining an ebony look & feel

  • Hand made in the U.S.A. and FSC® Certified

  • Impact resistance and span superior to wood products

  • Machines with standard tooling just like working with hardwoods

  • Richlite will not corrode from or absorb oils, perspiration or dirt. 


  • Fretboards

  • Bridges

  • Speaker enclosures

  • Practice drum pads

  • Drumsticks

  • Stage flooring


  • Richlite machines with standard tooling, just like working with hardwood.

  • All Richlite-to-wood mating surfaces must be abraded or scored for proper adhesion (100-150 grit recommended).

  • Fret slots can be cut with carbide cutters or diamond tooling. Due to the hardness of Richlite versus natural wood material, fret slots must be cut slightly wider.

  • Richlite can be left with an unfinished satin finish or brought to a high-polish finish with buffing compound, as desired.

Care + Maintenance

  • Richlite is a durable product requiring no special conditioning or cleaning products.

  • Richlite will not corrode from or absorb oils, perspiration or dirt.

  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth, if necessary.

Richlite fretboards are incredibly durable while maintaining an ebony or rosewood look and feel. This acoustically superior material offers a consistent density that is moisture acclimated and inherently stable. Richlite fretboards are incredibly easy to maintain and withstand re-fretting without chipping. Enjoy creativity with a conscience: earth-friendly Richlite offers the only sustainable alternative to vanishing natural hardwoods. Enjoy creativity with a conscience Aside from the user benefits of Richlite fretboards, many notable guitar manufacturers recognize the geo-political implications of a more sustainable material. 

Richlite is a composite material that, among other things, is often used in place of traditional tone woods for guitar fretboards and bridges. Made from recycled paper and pulp harvested from sustainably farmed trees, Richlite produces a hardened, durable material making Richlite fretboards to be superior to other materials, especially ebony.

Because it’s made from 65% recycled paper, this creates a very environmentally friendly alternative. When you add on the endangered statuses of certain tree species like Ebony and Rosewood, Richlite is better option for guitar manufacturers.

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Inspired by his "White Lightning" Les Paul, the Explorer includes a chrome-metal pickguard and a mahogany neck. The adjustable truss rod has a chrome cover engraved with "Tommy Thayer" and a limited edition 'White Lightning" logo on the back of the headstock.

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