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Architect: Salmela


Type: Residential
Application: Cladding / Interiors / Countertops
Material Featured: Slate
Architecture: Salmela 

Situated in Duluth, Michigan, this black-cube multifamily development is planned with a European court quality that obscures property lines in an area that once housed the right-of-way for a long disused incline rail system. Old homes in the neglected neighborhood were demolished, utilities were buried, and plats were reconfigured to respond to natural elevation shifts and frame views of the Lake Superior harbor. Built with sustainability top of mind, each house features high-efficiency mechanical systems and passive solar heating and natural ventilation through operable windows on all sides, plus strategic placement of decks, exterior stairways and screens. A conscious attempt was also made to use recycled and local materials. All buildings are clad in Richlite Slate and a mix of recycled, aging and standard wood. An AIA Minnesota Honor Award winner for 2007, the Clure Development also features Richlite Slate throughout interiors, including countertops.

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