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Lawrence Community Shelter

Monarch Village at Kansas's Lawrence Community Shelter is an innovative shelter solution that meets the needs of families experiencing homelessness while supporting their transition to permanent housing. Across the nation, homeless shelters struggle with providing safe, trauma-informed environments for families and individuals in transition. Working through the COVID-19 pandemic, Studio 804 donated and built 12 safe, easy-to-staff dwellings that offer much-needed privacy for families while allowing them to access essential shelter services. Tiny homes are paired with a shared covered patio adjacent to a community vegetable garden and plantings to support the monarch butterfly's migration. Each LEED Gold-Certified unit includes space for four people with two separate sleeping areas, a full bathroom and a small kitchenette designed for supplemental food preparation and fresh water. Furniture and cabinetry were designed and built by the students of Studio 804, with Richlite as a significant component.

Photographer: Gaffer Photography LLC

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