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Bass Fretboard Blank | BLACK DIAMOND
  • Bass Fretboard Blank | BLACK DIAMOND

Bass Fretboard Blank | BLACK DIAMOND


The original color that quietly proved that Richlite was a great replacement for ebony on fingerboards for stringed instruments. Jet black like the best ebony available, inlays and frets pop visually against this fingerboard with no need to dye or stain visually inferior material. Low maintenance, minimal shrinkage, and a density that is right in the middle of the range for ebony, there are only advantages to using Black Diamond Richlite on your next bass guitar creation. Top it off with the fact that there just isn’t much ebony at the length needed, black is now a viable design option when selecting bass materials.


  • Acoustically superior and consistent density
  • Moisture acclimated and inherently stable
  • Durable while maintaining an ebony feel
  • Hand made in the U.S.A. and FSC® Certified
  • Impact resistance and span superior to wood products
  • Unslotted fretboard blank
  • Machines with standard tooling

Dimensions: 27" x 2.75" x 0.3125" (686 x 70 x 8mm)

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