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Architect: Lincoln Miles Architects

Type: Residential
Application: Exterior Facade
Material Featured: Chocolate Glacier
Architect: Lincoln Miles Architecture

Photography: Julian Winslow

The Bunker is an exceptional dwelling wrought from a former WWII radar bunker on England's Isle of Wight. The former Royal Air Force station was ideally positioned to monitor the south coast of Britain during the war, but after its service, it was left to deteriorate and become derelict. The new building, designed by Lincoln Miles Architecture responds to its surroundings with a visual aesthetic of secrecy and danger unfolding the landscape's narrative. The new portion extends in juxtaposition to the simpler bunker form with perforated Richlite camouflage fins, designed by Lincoln's partner, Artist Lisa Traxler. The fins repeat across the façade in a classic dazzle pattern synonymous with the history of camouflage and war. Inside, the dazzle designs continue from the vitreous enameled worktop to the bespoke suspended staircase. An airy aluminum foam material surrounds the fire pace in the living room. Throughout, materials meet art informed by architecture, creating a visual narrative of a landscape.

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