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The Pinkney Neighborhood House

Designers Studio 804

Type: Residential 
Application: Interiors / Countertops / Clad
Material Featured: Black Diamond
Architect / Designers: Studio 804

Photography: Corey Gaffer

The Pinkney Neighborhood House 2023, which is located in the Pinkney Neighborhood of Lawrence, Kansas. The house was built by Studio 804 and is situated on a previously developed site with potential despite its challenges. The neighborhood boasts many living amenities, including access to the downtown area of Lawrence, the Kansas River, and the Lawrence Loop bike route. The house is designed for flexibility with a self-sufficient accessory dwelling and a bedroom suite that adapts to different living arrangements. The house is LEED Platinum certified, aligning with the City of Lawrence's mission to support sustainable development. The city is also analyzing local economic and demographic trends to inform policies and goals in its updated Horizon 2040 plan.

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